REFERENCE - Great Sound Shallow Speaker

A Reference Series speaker system owes much of its fidelity because of its extensive crossover network. The often overlooked crossover design is extremely important in maintaining a speaker’s low distortion and clarity. Just a visual comparison will reveal the Reference Series crossover simply has more to it design-wise than other so called hi-end speaker systems.

MB Quart Reference Series speakers are part of MB Quart’s impressive array of speakers incorporating WideSphere™ technology. WideSphere technology revolves around titanium inverted dome tweeters with usable frequency response down to the ultra-low 900Hz frequency region. WideSphere and the ease-of-installation are focal-points of MB Quart’s Reference Series speaker family.

REFERENCE - Widesphere

MB Quart’s exciting Reference Series is highlighted by major installation benefits due to design features targeted at super-shallow designs. The Reference Series is perfectly suited for today’s smaller vehicles. A quick look reveals the Reference Series overall mounting depths are greatly reduced by the use of a front-mounted N40 high-efficiency neodymium magnet. In the RUI models of the Reference Series, the Neodymium speaker magnet is front-mounted on the extended pole-piece above the speaker cone, minimizing the overall mounting depths.

Unlike competitive shallow-mount speaker designs, MB QUART’s design utilizes a speaker cone design with more curvature for performance like our traditional MB Quart speakers. Other shallow-mount speaker designs sacrifice over-all frequency response and off-axis performance because of a very shallow almost flat speaker cone. MB Quart Reference Series speakers use an exclusive low-resonant cast ABS composite speaker basket. This basket design also ensures the N40 neodymium magnetism is not depleted by a low cost metal basket. The Reference Series low-resonant cast ABS composite speaker basket allows the magnetism to be precisely focused at the speaker voice coil which allows the speaker to play louder even with smaller amounts of amplification.


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