PREMIUM - The Name Defines the Range.

PTI 40 WideSphere Tweeter Assembly
40 mm two piece titanium tweeter
diaphragm for super wide dispersion
Frequency response up to 32kHz
Carbon Fiber reinforced woofer frames
Polypropylene woofer cone
Aluminum coated phase plug
Magnet Heat Sink cup for voice coil cooling
Edge wound 1” voice coil
Gold Plated Terminal Connections
Separate off Coaxial Mounting Configurations
6 x 8 and 6 x 9 woofer configurations
Premium Performance Cross-over with
three-level tweeter attenuation
The new Premium Performance crossover uses choice components and the innovative rotary tweeter-level attenuator. Together with the high-flexibility Premium crossover installation technique and Bi-Wiring/-Amping connection capability, the crossover offers function well in excess of those normally associated with car audio component systems.

Premium Specs