Premiun Amps -- Pure A/B-Class

Its’ the competitive difference that’s clearly audible when comparing MB Quart Premium Series amplifiers to other brands. Pure A/B-Class uses extreme-speed processors and its overall low-distortion design results in the most stable, best sounding, full-range car audio amplifiers ever built.

Pure A/B Class is MB Quart’s innovative low-idle current audio circuitry that employs mirror-image spread-spectrum Push-Pull MOSFETs that are completely decoupled from the car speaker’s ever changing impedances. Any loudspeaker’s voice-coil impedance varies with the audio frequency its being fed. MB Quart’s design goal was BPS, (Balanced Power Symmetry). BPS results in total audio linearity and low-distortion over a speaker’s wide range of operating impedances. As an added benefit, MB Quart’s Pure A/B Class designs sidestep the asymmetrical amplifier clipping traits found in our competitor’s amplifier designs. Premium Amp advantages>>

Premium Specs