Coaxials and Three – Way Composite Loudspeaker Systems

The Discus series presents an all new opportunity for sound. Now, MB Quart’s Widesphere technology blesses the Discus line for undisputable superior sound in a “value” priced MB Quart speaker system.

The Discus feature high quality componentry, materials and most importantly, a new RTI30 Widesphere titanium 30mm tweeter. Available in the most popular sizes, small or large we can fit you with the ultimate sound!

RTI 30 WideSphere Tweeter Assembly
30mm two piece titanium tweeter diaphragm for super wide dispersion
Frequency response up to 30kHz
Carbon Fiber reinforced woofer frames
Polypropylene woofer membrane cone
Three-Way 6 x 9 features ultra high micro poly ½” tweeter
Edge wound 1” voice coil
Gold Plated Terminal Connections
Stunning grilles