DISCUS Speakers -- WideSphere™ Tweeter Technology

WidSphereWideSphere™ is MB Quart’s name for a new inverted dome titanium tweeter design. WideSphere is an undisputable quantum leap forward in car audio technology. After years of research, MB Quart acoustical engineers developed a unique inverted titanium dome tweeter with asymmetrically curvature. What’s so unique? The new MB Quart inverted dome tweeter has a usable frequency range extending to 30kHz. This unique asymmetrically shaped, pure RoHs titanium based, inverted dome is bonded to MB Quart’s proprietary closed-cell tangent-edge tweeter surround using aerospace adhesives. The end-result is a tweeter with off-axis dispersion 98% nearly identical to on-axis. This outstanding off-axis performance eliminates speaker directionality and high-frequency beaming permitting you and your MB Quart speakers to be positioned almost anywhere. So now every seat is the best seat for hearing your music. That is, as long as you have MB Quart loudspeaker’s with WideSphere Technology.

Why WideSphere?
Because Every Seat Becomes The Best Seat

WidSphereDiscus Series speakers utilize WideSphere’s 180-degree sound dispersion technology which addresses a speaker’s inherent directional dispersion and beaming problems. WideSphere eliminates high frequency beaming permitting your MB Quart speakers to be positioned and mounted almost anywhere. And, now you can be seated almost anywhere too.

What’s The Discus WideSphere Secret?

Not only can the Discus WideSphere tweeter vibrate at 30000 times a second, it also has also real excursion at lower frequencies which enables it to act like a piston. So when WideSphere is reproducing this lower audio range there’s no midrange blurring and directional sound. This benefit alone makes Discus speakers superior sounding.